Bringing the Fact-Checkers of the world together

For the seventh year running, the Global Fact-Checking Summit (Global Fact) will bring together fact-checkers, journalists, scholars and representatives of tech platforms, as well as other professionals and students interested in this form of journalism.

Once more, it will be a practitioner’s conference, where participants will come together to share their experiences and learn about best practices to implement in their own work.

Global Fact 7 will take place in Norway, at the Oslo Metropolitan University’s City Center Campus, from June 24-27, 2020. It is being organized by the International Fact-Checking Network in partnership with Norwegian fact-checking organization, OsloMET University, the journalism training institute Institutt for Journalistikk and the foundation for investigative journalism SKUP.

“We are very proud to host this conference in Oslo,” said Kristoffer Egeberg, Faktisk's editor-in-chief. "Scandinavia outranks most when it comes to freedom and democracy. However, along with the rest of the world, misinformation and disinformation have become a major challenge in the Nordic countries. In small nations with few fact-checkers, we need to set rivalries aside and work together across borders and disciplines. That is what the IFCN and the Global Fact are all about: learning together and working together, exchanging experiences in the fight against disinformation.”

In its seventh edition, Global Fact will run four tracks:
Academic Track
A call for papers will be announced in partnership with Oslo Metropolitan University. Global Fact 7 will host presentations by scholars on misinformation, online trust and information integrity.
Editorial Track
The flagship track of Global Fact conferences will again bring practitioners together and foster discussions on fact-checking, verification, newsroom economics and management
Developers Track
Automated fact-checking, the role of AI, ethics of algorithms, tools, and products for fact-checking on dark social and closed messaging apps will be discussed by participants
Executive Track
Mentoring and coaching sessions from industry leaders will be offered to executives of fact-checking organizations to help them grow their leadership skills in management, fundraising, partnerships and teamwork. In addition to the above, Global Fact 7 in Oslo will bring together participants from diverse backgrounds and utilize networking opportunities.

Applications have been closed for Global Fact 7. Please join the waitlist to get informed if there will be spots available. We will inform the waitlist no later late March.
Priority is given to working fact-checkers and those actively developing tools to combat misinformation or studying in the field in a way that can help fact-checkers improve their work.
Melbourne, Australia will host Global Fact 8 in 2021
Global Fact 8 will be in Melbourne at the RMIT University in June 2021. The International Fact-Checking Network will organize the Eight Global Fact-Checking Conference with Australian fact-checking organization RMIT ABC Fact Check , and the Walkley Foundation for Journalism.
A further announcement will be done with the exact dates and the venue of the conference.